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Communication is only effective when it reflects the truth about a brand.

We believe that real beauty is on the inside, which is why we begin each project with a search for the truth behind the idea. The name of our company is Bakalie, which in Polish conveys the spirit of raisins or, better yet, cherries-on-top (literally the term refers to any type of fruit and nut one might add to a baked good) and stands for the importance of tasty, satisfying ideas in the iconic layer of brand identity. We strive for visionary, surprising solutions that add sweetness and make marketing that is anything but "plain."






First Bakalie - „Bakalie ElĹźbieta Skrzypek” was originally established in 2000. Then, following a number of changes it was transformed into "Studio Bakalie Sp. z o.o." (a limited liability company) in 2006. Ela and Magda, two alumni of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts were the founders and first Management Board members. From the very outset, Bakalie's major objective has been to apply synaesthesia and art to the world of branding. Today, the company is under new ownership and new Management yet the objective remains unchanged.

Bakalie was amongst the founding members of the Brand Design Club. It is also a member of the SAR Marketing Communication Association (Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR) and the Graphic Designers Association STGU (Stowarzyszenie Twórców Grafiki UĹźytkowej). Bakalie often gets involved in art and pro bono projects.

We believe in innovation, responsibility, integrity, working together and the power of first impressions. We highly value kindness, unpretentiousness, openness and boldness.

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