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Our specialty is branding.

Our goal is to build strong brands through effective management of brand identity. Effective because it employs creative analysis and tested proprietary tools. Effective thanks to our continued collaboration with the artworld, whose tough critics of creativity ensure that our ideas stay fresh. And effective because we stay unconventional; we know the rules of building brand identity and we know when they deserve to be broken.
Our services cover all aspects of branding.

Brand Strategy - -

The first step of branding is positioning the brand, whereby identity is established on the basis of brand values and deep analysis of the categorial, competitive and cultural contexts. The Bakalie approach augments this process with visualization techniques, because we've discovered that here, too a picture is worth a thousand words. The non-linear, synthetic nature of imagery allows it to capture and convey elemental truths that initially resist verbal expression.

Naming & Verbal Identity - -

A good brand name is memorable, salient, easy to recognize and easy to pronounce; it communicates a relevant brand value or product attribute, suggests something about the brand's character and differentiates the brand from its competition. Ideally, the language and tone of a brand's entire communication fulfill these same criteria.

Visual & Sensory Identity - -

Everything you see. Or hear. Or feel. We design logos, interiors, markings, items of jobwork, websites, BTL materials and PR activities. We cooperate with the best designers. We create films, animations, music and events. We communicate through texture, sound, smell and motion. Product attributes are rational notions of branding which has to engage all the senses.

We manage the entire creative and excecutional process from analysis and inspiration to conception, production and implementation.
Our mission is to transfer the artistic spirit of design into branding.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

The non-linear, synthetic nature of imagery allows it to capture and convey elemental truths that often resist verbal expression. Since our beginnings, we have augmented the strategic process with inspiring visualizations. In time, these have grown into systematic, time-tested and universal tools.

Infographic coding of a brand's cohesive structure and symbolism. -

A fast-edit audit of brand identity. -

Brand anthropology captured in the features and expression of a CG face. Great for competitive analyses and visualizing a brand's before and after. -

A structured 4x4 moodboard where everything has a reason. -

A project management system so thorough?and so effective?we've had it copyrighted. -



Communication is only effective when it reflects the truth about a brand.

We believe that real beauty is on the inside, which is why we begin each project with a search for the truth behind the idea. The name of our company is Bakalie, which in Polish conveys the spirit of raisins or, better yet, cherries-on-top (literally the term refers to any type of fruit and nut one might add to a baked good) and stands for the importance of tasty, satisfying ideas in the iconic layer of brand identity. We strive for visionary, surprising solutions that add sweetness and make marketing that is anything but "plain."

Originis - -

First Bakalie - „Bakalie El┼╝bieta Skrzypek” was originally established in 2000. Then, following a number of changes it was transformed into "Studio Bakalie Sp. z o.o." (a limited liability company) in 2006. Ela and Magda, two alumni of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts were the founders and first Management Board members. From the very outset, Bakalie's major objective has been to apply synaesthesia and art to the world of branding. Today, the company is under new ownership and new Management yet the objective remains unchanged.

Involvement - -

Bakalie was amongst the founding members of the Brand Design Club. It is also a member of the SAR Marketing Communication Association (Stowarzyszenie Komunikacji Marketingowej SAR) and the Graphic Designers Association STGU (Stowarzyszenie Twórców Grafiki U┼╝ytkowej). Bakalie often gets involved in art and pro bono projects.

Character - -

We believe in innovation, responsibility, integrity, working together and the power of first impressions. We highly value kindness, unpretentiousness, openness and boldness.




Polska 2030 Chancellery of the Prime Minister of Poland - 2009

To create an extensive long-term nation development report layout.

Clear form adapted to the serious role which a national document plays. Large amounts of information presented in the form of diagrams and tables. Each of the 10 sections has a different colour, which increases the functionality of the report.

Have you got a PLan to return? - 2008

Preparation of a Polish government informational campaign for Poles returning home.

Simple and meaningful communication, based on symbols characteristic for Poland. The entire message is maintained in a white-red colour code. Action logo – stork setting in a nest symbolises not only the return home, but also an inseparable element of the Polish landscape. Campaign elements: “A Returner. Navigation for returning migrants” guide, website, TV spot, press and internets advertisements.

Tatry National Park - 2008

Improve communication between Park employees and tourists through the preparation of a new communication strategy and visual identification of the Park.

The Tatry National Park, as the first national park in Poland, subjected its brand to thorough analyses and decided to refresh its image, using such values as openness and usefulness. The project covers a visual communication and TNP brand repositioning strategy, preparation of new designs for all corporate materials, information boards and direction signs, as well as a new layout for the Park website.

eco Estrella - 2016


Projekt logotypu oraz strony www dla projektu inwestycyjnego w… rajskiej Brazylii.


Przenie┼Ťli┼Ťmy si─Ö (niestety tylko wirtualnie;-) pod równik, by opisa─ç potencja┼é 7 km rajskich pla┼╝, tropikalnej flory i fauny, ciep┼éego oceanu, 300 dni s┼éo┼äca i lekkiej bryzy. Dziewiczych terenów, idealnych do uprawiania sportów, które pozwalaj─ůc uciec od ┼Ťwiata, nie s─ů od niego odci─Öte.
Powsta┼éo logo symbolizuj─ůce ciep┼éy wiatr w┼Ťród li┼Ťci rosn─ůcych przy rajskiej pla┼╝y, kokosowych palm. Przywodz─ůce na my┼Ťl kolibry, rozpostarte na wietrze kite’y, dobr─ů gwiazd─Ö. Dynamiczne formy podkre┼Ťla pe┼éna optymizmu, ┼Ťwiat┼éa i przestrzeni paleta barw.

e-learning - 2015


Zaprojektowanie logotypu wraz z rozbudowanym SIW dla czołowej marki e-learningowej w Polsce.



Lapidarna, ┼éagodna, organiczna i syntetyczna forma przetworzonego „e” jest metafor─ů dialogu, my┼Ťli, pytania i odpowiedzi. Kojarz─ůce si─Ö z interakcj─ů i wymian─ů my┼Ťli, ciep┼ée, eleganckie w formie i nowoczesne „e” wpisane jest w logotyp. Z ┼éatwo┼Ťci─ů mo┼╝e ulega─ç transformacjom, bardzo kreatywnie charakteryzuj─ůc ┼Ťwiat marki i tworz─ůc spójny, pe┼éen ┼╝ycia i optymizmu, dynamiczny system identyfikacji.

Arctic Paper - 2007

Create an image campaign and informational bulletin.

Amid growing competition and continually low brand awareness among paper users, we developed a strategy aiming to strengthen the Arctic Paper brand on the Polish market. Following a brand audit, we determined the brand's most competitive unique characteristics. Thus, we were able to propose what proved to be an effective multimedia promotional operations plan, which included an in-depth mood film that expressively depicts the art of paper manufacturing. We also developed event scenarios tailored to Arctic Paper clients with ideas for competitions that stimulate the imagination and designs for one-of-a-kind gadgets that help people in their everyday work and make them remember the entire range of paper products by Arctic.

French Institute in Warsaw - 2007

Create the new visual identification for the French Institute in Warsaw.

The new brand image of the French Institute was to reflect the organization's values by communicating an enticing cultural programme aimed at the most demanding recipients. With a logo that has been around for years, we knew that we could break some rules in creating the new identification. Our solution merged continuity with new, dynamic expression. The basic medium for disseminating information about the Institute's operations is an event calendar brochure, colour-coded to convey the diversity of the Institute's offering and to classify events in a functional, orderly and minimal fashion, referring people to the Institute's website for more information in order to keep the brochure clear and navigable.

City of Pruszk├│w - 2007

Create the logo, promo folder and visual communication for the city of Pruszków.

In recent years, the theory behind brands and brand strategies has been increasingly applied to countries, regions and cities. Pruszków turned to us for help in developing and communicating its new image. Following an analysis of the most relevant characteristics of the Pruszków brand, we designed a logo that hints at the city's new cycling track, already a regarded new mark of the city. Thanks to its connection to sport, this symbol brings to mind the principle of fair-play, so important to the city's desired image. We produced a brand folder that presents the vital statistics on Pruszków in an orderly fashion and constitutes a beautiful photo album that captures the city's unique atmosphere and conveys the advantages of living and investing in Pruszków.

Dobry Klimat dla Rodziny - 2013

Dolor Lorem

Danone - 2007

Design the CSR Operations Review.


Faced with the task of presenting a huge amount of information (including statistics, diagrams, processes and employee testimonials) in an accessible and attractive form, we divided the material into categories, to which we assigned different, complementary graphic styles. Thus, the reader would be able to distinguish the type of information presented at a glance. The publication was to reflect two crucial issues for Danone: the fact that it is an environment- and human-friendly company; and the fact that its mission is ongoing. So, to stress the human touch and the work-in-progress aspect, we gave the Review a notepad format, with the inclusion of handwritten notes and amusing drawings instead of the typical boring infographics.

Wojew├│dztwo Lubuskie - 2010

Develop and implement a long-term brand management strategy for Lubuskie Province, including a controlling system for 2011-2016.

The brand strategy was developed in stages. Strengths and weaknesses of the region were identified during the first stage of the project based on extensive surveys. Then, the values and personality of a “Lubuskie” brand-to-be were developed. Another step was to single out associations with the region based on the survey. These associations were the grounds for the initial concept of the brand. The concept was finally shaped following further surveys and consultations. The new slogan “Lubuskie worth your while” and the new logo were created based on respondents preferences.
Studio Bakalie have also developed the Brand Book and the strategy implementation scheme up until 2016.

The National Health Program - 2010

To create visual identification for the educational program of the Ministry of Health. The National Health Program is to reduce inequality and improve the quality of life in Poland through an improvement in health.

The logo depicts protective nature of the program and its dynamic spatial form indicates continuous process and consistent actions. Light, modern, clear and logical layout is the extension of the logo concept. Major objectives for specific programs are represented by pictograms inspired by the logo.
Scope of the assignment: Logo and corporate identity manual, design and layout of strategic document and promotional materials.

The Copernicus Science Centre and ECSITE FREEDOM Conference - 2011

To develop comprehensive visual identification for the conference, expressed in universal, cultural, scientific and educational aspect.

We have selected a fractal to depict the subject. Its essence is about infinite depth which unveils new faces. Just like freedom. It may be defined and discovered by anybody, for each situation and always as a new phenomenon. We were inspired by the Sierpinski fractals to emphasize the Polish input.
The materials (including leaflets, agenda, printouts, tags, bags and highly extended information system in the CNK building) that have been created are consistent extension of the fractal concept. For example, the leaflet is a fractal in both graphical and as far as unfolding is concerned. The unfolding involves the process of getting deeper into the meanings of freedom.
Unusual solutions enhanced the message and were enthusiastically accepted.

Politechnika Warszawska – identyfikacja wizualna - 2012

Opracowanie identyfikacji wizualnej, wypracowanie materia┼éów graficznych o wysokim stopniu oryginalno┼Ťci, niepowtarzalnych i z wykorzystaniem unikalnych elementów graficznych. Do realizacji zadania zostali┼Ťmy wybrani w trybie konkursu projektów.

Inspirowany nauk─ů, technik─ů i architektur─ů ┼╝ywy key visual, z za┼éo┼╝enia ma ulega─ç przekszta┼éceniom. Jego konstrukcja opiera si─Ö na prostopad┼éo┼Ťciennych formach, tworz─ůcych iluzj─Ö przestrzeni, wynikaj─ůc─ů ze swobodnego przemieszczania i przenikania si─Ö poszczególnych elementów pokazanych w aksonometrycznych rzutach.

Visual jest dynamiczny i ┼╝ywy, kolorowy i nowoczesny. Obraz wzorowany jest na sztuce wspó┼éczesnej oraz j─Özyku wizualnym wspó┼éczesno┼Ťci. Ka┼╝demu wydzia┼éowi zosta┼éa przypisana indywidualna forma oraz paleta kolorów z┼éo┼╝ona z koloru wiod─ůcego (wydzia┼éowego) i kolorów dope┼éniaj─ůcych.

W ramach projektu opracowali┼Ťmy materia┼éy informacyjne i promocyjne oraz stron─Ö www uczelni.

Centrum Nauki Kopernik Genesis - 0000

Opracowanie koncepcji komunikacji Projektu GENesis – cyklu po┼Ťwi─Öconego osi─ůgni─Öciom biotechnologii. Symbolem powinna by─ç owca Dolly.

Stworzyli┼Ťmy system, który bezpo┼Ťrednio nawi─ůzuje do GEN(etyki), a którego j─Özyk wizualny pozwala na nieograniczony rozwój. Opiera si─Ö na graficznym nawi─ůzaniu do mapy genomu. Mapy genomu s─ů dla genetyków form─ů uporz─ůdkowania genów w nici DNA. Kolorowe prostok─ůty na okr─Ögu lub w poziomych pasach, to zestaw sk┼éadowych wybranego genotypu.
Przechodz─ůca wiele mutacji idea mapy genomu, ma w komunikacji wizualnej cyklu wiod─ůc─ů rol─Ö. Posta─ç owieczki schodzi na drugi plan, ocieplaj─ůc komunikacj─Ö.
Rodowód i spójno┼Ť─ç systemu podkre┼Ťla zarówno kolorystyka jak i nietypowe rozwi─ůzania formalne oraz introligatorskie. Kalendarium projektu, materia┼éy edukacyjne, ulotki, wszelkie druki itd. maj─ů form─Ö ko┼éa lub mocno wyd┼éu┼╝on─ů.

demosEuropa - 2012

Stworzenie projektu rebrandingu marki demosEUROPA – Centrum Strategii Europejskiej.
Idea pog┼é─Öbionego liftingu logo wywodzi si─Ö z jego zastanej formy (s┼éo┼äce) oraz logiki i z┼éo┼╝ono┼Ťci, zaskakuj─ůcej prostot─ů rozwi─ůza┼ä sztuki origami. Jest otwarte na nowoczesno┼Ť─ç, ilustruj─ůc wielopoziomowo┼Ť─ç, wielow─ůtkowo┼Ť─ç i z┼éo┼╝ono┼Ť─ç dzisiejszego ┼Ťwiata.
Nowa identyfikacja wizualna marki to nowoczesny i dynamiczny system wizualny, z którym uto┼╝samiaj─ů si─Ö za┼éo┼╝yciele Fundacji oraz jej pracownicy.Przejrzysta, syntetyczna, a przez to mocna komunikacja efektywnie i efektownie wspomaga profil oraz cele eksperckie, edukacyjne i badawcze fundacji.
Dla zachowania spójno┼Ťci materia┼éów wizerunkowych Studio Bakalie pe┼éni rol─Ö opiekuna marki demosEUROPA.

UOKiK konferencja ICN - 2013

Konstancin - 2015


Projekt logotypu oraz opracowanie systemu identyfikacji wizualnej Konstancina-Jeziornej, promuj─ůcego turystyczne atuty miasta.



Logotyp wielowarstwowo opisuje atrakcyjno┼Ť─ç eleganckiego miasta z tradycjami, niepowtarzalnego zarówno z powodu walorów kulturowych jak i przyrodniczych. Litera K, stylizowana na wszechobecny w konstanci┼äskiej, zabytkowej architekturze ornament, organiczn─ů form─ů przypomina uzdrowiskow─ů kropl─Ö wody, aktywno┼Ť─ç ptaka w locie, czy li┼Ť─ç, symbol rozwoju. Mo┼╝na w nim, jak w wyci─Öciu ornamentu, dojrze─ç dusz─Ö Konstancina. Rozbudowany SIW jest kontynuacj─ů ornamentalnego oraz emocjonalnego portretu miasta, od sygnalizacji miejskiej po reklam─Ö wizerunkow─ů czy stron─Ö www.


Piotr Domownik - Executive Director & Cz┼éonek Zarz─ůdu

Client Service - 601 225 291