Our specialty is branding.

Our goal is to build strong brands through effective management of brand identity. Effective because it employs creative analysis and tested proprietary tools. Effective thanks to our continued collaboration with the artworld, whose tough critics of creativity ensure that our ideas stay fresh. And effective because we stay unconventional; we know the rules of building brand identity and we know when they deserve to be broken.
Our services cover all aspects of branding.

Brand Strategy

Naming & Verbal Identity

Visual & Sensory Identity

We manage the entire creative and excecutional process from analysis and inspiration to conception, production and implementation.
Our mission is to transfer the artistic spirit of design into branding.

The first step of branding is positioning the brand, whereby identity is established on the basis of brand values and deep analysis of the categorial, competitive and cultural contexts. The Bakalie approach augments this process with visualization techniques, because we've discovered that here, too a picture is worth a thousand words. The non-linear, synthetic nature of imagery allows it to capture and convey elemental truths that initially resist verbal expression.

A good brand name is memorable, salient, easy to recognize and easy to pronounce; it communicates a relevant brand value or product attribute, suggests something about the brand's character and differentiates the brand from its competition. Ideally, the language and tone of a brand's entire communication fulfill these same criteria.

Everything you see. Or hear. Or feel. We design logos, interiors, markings, items of jobwork, websites, BTL materials and PR activities. We cooperate with the best designers. We create films, animations, music and events. We communicate through texture, sound, smell and motion. Product attributes are rational notions of branding which has to engage all the senses.

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