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Have You Got a PLan to Return?

In London, on November 24, Prime Minister Donald Tusk, during his meeting with the Polish Diaspora, launched an informational program named “Have You Got a PLan to Return?” The government has asked Bakalie to work on this project. So far, in the framework of cooperation, we have created a logo, website and guidebook, TV commercial and other forms of advertisements (including guerrilla marketing).


The program is aimed at persons returning to Poland from emigration and its purpose is to provide them with practical information, among others, in the fields of law and administration. Bakalie Branding Studio has prepared a comprehensive campaign image – visual setting and copywriting materials. The communication is simple and expressive, it is based on symbols characteristic for Poland. The entire message is maintained in a white-red colour code. The logo of the action – a stork landing in a nest, symbolises not just the return home, but also constitutes an inseparable element of the Polish landscape. Both the informational guidebook “A Returner. Navigation for Returning Migrants” and the website are organised in the form of practical answers to questions placed as a result of analysis of problems which persons returning to Poland from emigration have to face.
Soon, a TV commercial will be broadcast. It is an animated film  showing a stork returning from Great Britain to Poland. The bird symbolises an emigrant returning home, who not only has to cover the distance separating him from home, but also has to answer various questions and face many formal problems. The “Have You Got a PLan to Return” action answers these questions and is to help the Diaspora return home.





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