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New branding for ZTM

In the framework of its operations for the popularization of visual culture and branding in Poland, Bakalie Branding Studio has prepared two visual identification proposals for the ZTM brand. A presentation with design proposals was relayed as a holyday gift. According to the authors’ concept, this design is to draw attention to the branding phenomenon and present ZTM Warsaw employees development possibilities for the company.

The first proposal shows how through minor redesigning procedures it is possible to make a more user friendly brand out of ZTM, as well have it represent such values as: dynamism, reliability, security, comfort and modernity. As a result of integrating of all elements of the system into one whole, the visual communication of ZTM becomes clear and coherent. At the same time, changes in the graphic layout contribute to the clarity of boards, maps and printed materials. Modifications implemented in the logo make it more dynamic, rejuvenate it and grant it a warmer reception. New ticket designs make it easier to ready necessary information and thanks to directional arrows it is easier to properly validate them. Symbols informing about tram and bus stops, as well as subway stations are stylistically uniform, which facilitates their identification. Time tables and line diagrams make it easier for travellers to chose their means of transportation. The authors have designed the system in such a way as to have the passengers identify themselves with ZTM and be proud to use the public transportation system. The slogan “Change transportation to public” is to additionally encourage them to use the public transportation system.

The second project deals with how far in the scope of effective and bold branding can the ZTM brand go. It is a modernistic presentation of a composition of graphic and typographic elements in a clear manner. In the project, three basic printing colours were used: magenta, cyan and yellow, as well as a number of geometric shapes refereeing to the urban lifestyle and graphic design of the ‘90s of the 20th century. This coherent visual information system will make it easier and more pleasurable to commute around Warsaw using public transportation. The new logo has been designed from scratch and is the key to new visual communication of the brand. Connection diagrams and timetables have been designed in such a way, so that no one would have problems with their interpretation. New ticket and monthly passes designs were prepared. Their layout and available information are clearer, as in the case of connection diagrams and timetables. As in the case of the first system, a uniform set of signs was prepared. Additionally, a humorous slogan was prepared: “I’ll take your place”. No decision concerning the implementation of either of the presented system was yet reached. The designs will be analysed in detail by the ZTM marketing division.

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